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Kim Johnson


Kim Royce Johnson first started performing publicly some 20 years ago and has been gigging as a guitarist and singer-songwriter since then.

Kim can play solo or with guest musicians brought in from time to time.

He is forging a new direction into original inspired acoustic blues and 70’s classic rock covers with a laid back style infused with covers from the likes of JJ Cale, The Doors, and John Fogerty.


With a solid background of blues, expect uptempo songs with a beat as well as ambient moody songs for listening. The ebb and flow of Kims music is like sitting out the back, lapping up the sunshine waiting for a wave, and then launching into the next wave in the set, for a heart pounding ride into the tube.

This is sure to please a crowded bar of any age with uptempo swinging tunes to mellow moody ballads with insightful lyrics and sensitive guitar playing with lots of interesting dynamics.


With vocal styling influenced by Lou Reed and Tex Perkins, Kim delivers heartfelt expressions in his vocalising, blending easily with finger picking, blues influenced lead playing, and steady rhythms to provide a bed of soulful grooves. 


Guest artist collaborations have been with well known south coast players such as Dave Rastrick, Jay Cook, Jo Sharp, Terry MacKintosh, Bevynn Wilkerson and Bruce Anthony.


A reliable performer on the south coast music scene, at venues such as The Stirling Club, Wilsons Brewery, The Earl of Spencer Tavern, Six Degrees, Hybla Tavern, Due South, Boston Brewery, Vancouver Arts Centre, Denmark Artshouse, Three Anchors Restaurant, Boatshed Markets, The Hilton and various public festivals and events are where Kim has played over the years.


Kim is available as solo, duo, or 3 piece band including congas, bass, electric guitar and vocals.  A full Pa for moderate sized venues is supplied if required. The band lineup is called 

"One Fine Day" and has played in venues such as 

King River Tavern, The White Star, The Stirling Club, Denmark Artshouse and the Albany Town Square.


To have a listen to Kims music search on Spotify or Apple Music for “Kim Royce Johnson” for original songs and instrumental ambient guitar or on the recordings page of this site for free downloads.

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